A&J Foodtown Of Bellerose Honored


Recently, Angelo Avena and Joseph Paravati, owners of A&J Foodtown of Bellerose, were acknowledged by multiple organizations for their exceptional work in keeping the supermarket open and servicing the community during the ongoing pandemic.

Mayor Kenneth Moore of the Incorporated Village of Bellerose issued an official proclamation acknowledging the valuable contribution of A & J Foodtown to Bellerose Village. Moore discussed the coronavirus situation and how it has placed a burden on the local supermarket, in particular saying this was not only because of an increased workload, but increased health and safety risks as well. The proclamation praised the employees of the Bellerose Foodtown supermarket for continuing to work throughout the pandemic, risking their own well-being. It highlighted measures implemented by management to ensure the safety of staff and customers alike; and, through all their sacrifices, the store was able to remain open and continue to serve the community.

The Joint Bellerose Business District Development Corporation also issued a certificate of appreciation to A&J Foodtown, signed by president James Trent, thanking the associates for their services during the pandemic. It specifically stated the deep appreciation for A & J and the exceptional front line and essentials workers for their service during the pandemic to the people and businesses of Bellerose Manor, Bellerose Township, and Bellerose Village.

Upon receiving the recognitions, Avena said, “It’s been our pleasure to serve the Bellerose community as Foodtown since 2012 and we look forward to continuing our commitment for many years to come. We have become a family.”

A & J Market opened the grocery store in 1999 as Met Food before transitioning to the Foodtown banner.

—Submitted by JPR Group

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