A Prominent Welcome For New Herricks Staff Members


The Herricks Public Schools’ newest staff members received an enthusiastic welcome during their orientation program, which was held last month. The three days featured introductions, presentations, tours, workshops and the exciting Project Adventure teambuilding exercises.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Fino Celano, along with members of the board of education, administration, Herricks Teachers Association and Parent Teacher associations, greeted the new staff members and familiarized them with district programs and policies. The first day focused on technology use, business office procedures and the Danielson Framework for Teaching Rubric and concluded with a bus tour around the community.

The next morning involved professional development sessions, which were followed by an action-filled afternoon in the Herricks High School courtyard. Participants navigated an assortment of high elements courses in which they were suspended at the height of a telephone pole to walk a tightrope challenge of their choice. They each made it through thanks to support from one another while demonstrating great focus, balance and problem-solving. They also completed a low elements mission that required group collaboration. The outdoor learning area was built by the company Visionary Adventure, and instructors were on-site to safely harness the attendees and guide them through the vertical playpens.

The final day of orientation provided more professional development opportunities, mindfulness activities and time in the staff members’ home buildings.

Herricks welcomes Melissa Bergersen, Matthew Buhse, Angela Cavaliere, Jun Chen, Marina Colletti, Alyssa Curcio, Kenneth Davis, Steven Formichelli, Victoria Greco, Andrea Gungor, Samantha Hersch, Samantha Howley, Carissa Ianazzi, Subia Jamaluddin, Gulnoor Khwaja, Meghan Locke, Angela Martinez, Noreen McDougal, Emily McLoughlin, Brian Morgan, Andrew Muller, Alexa Munoz, Danielle Myles, Catia Perletta, Taylor Plank, Paul Roditis, Amanda Rodriquez, Stephanie Rosvoglou, Jessica Sharpe, Abigail Sollecito and Lauren Thomas.

—Submitted by Herricks Public Schools

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