Update On Third Track Work In The Village


The Village of New Hyde Park is almost at the finish line when it comes to the third track project that has been in process across the village for the past three years.

This past month, 3TC, who are the design-build contractors for the project, installed ballast along the south side of the right of way to support the future installation of the third track from Covert Avenue to the New Hyde Park station. For those who might not know what ballast is, it serves as a bed for rail road tracks and provides stability, drainage and support for LIRR trains. Crews install the stone in layers by placing it and tamping it down with a tamping machine, followed by a roller that smooths out the ballast. This noticeable operation is done to create a consistent, flat surface for the future third track. Ballast was also installed from Plainfield Avenue to the east end of the Floral Park Recreation Center in Floral Park.

When it comes to the South 12th Street underpass, crews worked to relocate underground utilities from South 12th Street to South 11th. Construction on the South 12th Street underpass is expected to be completed sometime this fall. The ADA compliant underpass will maintain connectivity and access to the north and south sides of the tracks.

If any residents have questions about any of the work that 3TC is conducting, they can call 3TC’s hotline at 516-203-4955 or email CommunityOutreach@LIRRexpansion.com.

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