Village Approves Self-Storage Building


It’s approved. The Village of New Hyde Park Board of Trustees’ held a follow-up public hearing about the proposed three-story self-storage building at 300 South 12th St—ultimately approving the building in a unanimous vote.

On hand at the public hearing once again was the property owner’s lawyer Andrea Tsoukalas Curto who showed the village board adjustments to the buildings landscape and signage.

“My client is proposing to put in a new sidewalk with plantings and grass within the village’s right of way,” Curto said. “He is also proposing to put additional plantings on his property as depicted on the plan that was presented to the board of trustees. He has also agreed to include benches and a bike rack within the village’s right of way for residents to use. The overall plan is to beautify the area and to give it a more residential feel. The location of the signs was agreed to at the hearing—both signs will be on the corner of 12th Street and Third Avenue with one on each wall. This location will have the least impact on neighbors living in the immediate area.”

The lot area for the building is that of .45 acres and is situated in the village’s industrial building district. The application that was filed back in April of this year, said that board approval is required for construction of any new building greater than 2,500 square feet.

And when it comes to parking, Curto said that there will be 11 spots on grade on the south side of the property and the remaining 26 spots will be below grade.

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