Board Holds Hearing About Proposed South 12th Street Building


The Village of New Hyde Park Board of Trustees recently held a public hearing for approval to construct a three-story self-storage building with parking below grade. The proposed site of the self-storage building is none other than 300 South 12th St. Residents may remember that back in 2019, the former board held a hearing on whether or not that location should be a four-story apartment complex and retail building. The hearing in 2019 had a massive turnout by residents who opposed the construction.

A special use permit application was filed by the owners of the property, 300 South 12 St. LLC, who also proposed the apartment building and retail space. Returning before the board once again was their lawyer Andrea Tsoukalas Curto who presented the new plans to the board.

The new self-storage building would be fairly close to the brand new underpass that is currently being constructed on South 12th Street that is part of the state’s third track project.

According to Curto, the lot area is that of .45 acres and is situated in the village’s industrial building district. The application that was filed back in April of this year, said that board approval is required for construction of any new building greater than 2,500 square feet. The application states that the self-storage building would be 37,400-square-feet and the finished height would be 35-feet. The application also said that the building would have 37 parking spaces.

At the hearing, Mayor Christopher Devane reported that the application would not be approved by the board because it needs to be presented to the county’s Planning Commission first before a permit can be granted. Devane also added that the hearing will continue at the board’s next meeting on Thursday, July 15. Residents can attend the hearing in-person or virtually.

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