South 12th Street Underpass Gets Rolled In


The Village of New Hyde Park is almost at the finish line with the state’s third track project after the MTA and 3TC rolled in the final pedestrian underpass at South 12th Street this past weekend.

Crews installed a precast box structure, beneath the tracks, which will act as the foundation of the new pedestrian underpass. As one of the eight grade crossings eliminated as part of the LIRR Expansion Project, the South 12th Street crossing in New Hyde Park has some unique characteristics. First, along with Main Street in Mineola, it is one of only two crossings that was dead ended. The South 12th Street crossing was used by hundreds of LIRR customers to traverse the tracks, prior to it being closed. Without it, customers would be forced to walk east to the recently installed New Hyde Park Road underpass or west to Covert Avenue.

The crossing was closed in the fall of 2020, following the installation of support of excavation (SOE) walls and signal modifications were made this past winter. Completion of the project is scheduled for the fall of 2021.

The configuration for this grade crossing elimination was designed in conjunction with the Village of New Hyde Park after careful evaluation of several alternatives. The MTA and the design-builder for the LIRR Expansion Project worked closely with village officials to complement the village’s plans for rezoning and redevelopment. Ultimately, this grade crossing elimination will enhance safety and provide for a quieter and more livable community along the railroad.


  1. They might have worked with our PAST mayor.
    New Hyde Park has NOT rezoned this area. Our current mayor cares about our village and any redevelopment will be worked on by the taxpaying residents of the Village of New Hyde Park in conjunction with our elected officials. Not the MTA/3TC/LIRR.

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