Local Resident Runs For County Legislator


Floral Park resident Nadia Holubnyczyj has elected to run for Nassau County’s 8th Legislative District. Holubnyczyj, who has recently announced her candidacy on Facebook, is endorsed and supported by the Democratic and Working Families Parties.

“For far too long, the Nassau Republican machine has engaged in self-serving politics,” Holubnyczyj said. “They have used their power to take advantage of the system for themselves and politically connected friends. The outgoing Legislator for District 8 has done the bare minimum for the constituents. His apathy for his community was never more evident than during this most severe time of crisis. In a time when elected officials were making themselves more available remotely via Facebook town halls, Zoom meetings, and other interactive and virtual methods, our representative was nowhere to be seen. Those in the Legislative majority are indifferent to our community needs and have no regard for the responsibility with which we have entrusted them. I do not work that way. It is wrong and against my principles. For the last 20 years, I have been in the trenches, doing the work that my community needs done. Whether it is in the PTA, my local civic association, various village committees such as the Citizens with Disabilities Committee, starting Nassau County Chapter of Frontline Foods for our frontline workers and food insecure families when the pandemic hit, I have served this community. I am running because the people want engaged and caring leaders, and I am that person.”

The 8th Legislative District encompasses Franklin Square, Floral Park, Bellerose, Bellerose Terrace, West Hempstead and portions of Elmont, New Hyde Park and Stewart Manor and is currently being served by Legislator Vincent Muscarella.

Holubnyczyj is no stranger to community activism saying that she was a leader in the fight against the proposed casino at Belmont Park, pressured Governor Cuomo’s office to include the installation of three elevators at the Floral Park train station as part of the third track project, and has been a PTA president and a civic president.

“Most recently, I helped open up the Nassau County chapter of Frontline Foods of World Central Kitchen during the height of the pandemic,” she added. “We raised money to pay restaurants on the brink of closing to provide free meals to frontline workers and food-insecure families. I have always felt called to give back to the communities I love. I have done all of this as a private citizen, but I feel I can affect more change in an official capacity. When elected, I plan to make myself accessible to my constituency, something this district has sorely lacked for 25 years. The 8th District has been neglected by the current legislator, as he has grown more complacent and apathetic year after year since the creation of the Nassau County Legislature in 1996. It is time to modernize this office. Constituents will be able to directly communicate with me and my office through Zoom, social media, and monthly mobile office hours throughout the neighborhoods of the district. No issue is unimportant. Whether it’s combating the opioid crisis, addressing the assessment and property tax concern, or working with other local, state and federal officials on infrastructure issues, I will be willing to work with anyone and everyone to make Nassau County and the 8th District a better place to live.”

Holubnyczyj is the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants who fled to America to build a better life, leaving behind a broken communist system that was failing its people. She has been married to her husband Marco for 20 years, and they have two boys, Alexander and William, both adopted from Guatemala. She is also an outspoken advocate for Americans with Disabilities since she has a rare congenital disability called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. She is small in stature and uses a wheelchair full-time.

“When I was asked to run, it was not an easy decision to make,” she said. “Lots of friends and family told me that running in a district like LD8 without an “R” next to your name was equivalent to being a sacrificial lamb. I know this is an uphill battle, but I have never given up because something was difficult. I am excited to talk more with my neighbors in the district and hear what they want and need from their representative. I am confident that I will bring all resources within my power to Franklin Square, West Hempstead, Floral Park, Bellerose, Bellerose Terrace, Elmont, New Hyde Park and Stewart Manor as their county legislator.”

You can follow Holubnyczyj on Twitter @NadiaforLD8, like her on facebook.com/nadiaforld8, Instagram @Nadiaforld8 or visit www.nadiaforld8.com.

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