South 12th Street Starts Underpass Construction


The third track project in the Village of New Hyde Park made progress as contractor 3TC and the MTA closed off South 12th Street to begin construction to eliminate the grade crossing that is currently there.

According to 3TC, the eliminations of the grade crossings will improve safety and the quality of life in the neighborhoods along the corridor. Warning bells at crossing gates will be removed and trains traversing the intersection will no longer be required to sound their horns, which would be very welcomed for the homes that surround South 12th Street. Traffic backups also will be minimized along with the exhaust spewed by idling vehicle waiting at crossing gates in the down position, which can be 35 percent of the time or more during rush hour. Most importantly, train-vehicle collisions at those locations become a thing of the past.

Drivers will need to utilize alternate crossings at either New Hyde Park Road or Covert Avenue. The configuration was designed in conjunction with the Village of New Hyde Park and is expected to be finished in spring 2021.

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