Letter: More Supporters Than Protesters


This letter from the Nassau County Friends of the NRA is in response to the article, “Welcome To The Gun Show.”

The title is wrong. This is not a gun show but a nonprofit fundraiser for the NRA Foundation.

The use of a dated statement from Congressman Suozzi is simply a rehash of others news. At other past events Congressman Tom Suozzi expressed his support for gun rights.

The use of the statement, “Children have been murdered in their schools throughout our country” following the demand for our event to be canceled somehow implies that we have a connection to the tragic events that have occurred in schools, but there was no factual connection to the FNRA or the NRA. That is because no factual evidence exists. The fact is that each and every one of the school tragedies has been a result of the mishandling of a mental health issue, violent video games and movies with actors killing people with firearms. Violence begets violence.

The phrase “antagonistic sideshow with guns and ammo” was used. There will be no ammo at the banquet. How is a legal fundraiser antagonistic? The term sideshow can only be a reference to the circus. As these statements are inaccurate and nonsensical I really have no response other than to state that this is simply inflammatory rhetoric. No ammunition is permitted at these events. All who receive a firearm will go through the federal firearm background check before being issued any firearm.

We are not part of the NRA but are a 501(c)(3) organization that raises funds for The NRA Foundation, which has a completely different mission and is financially independent of the NRA. The NRA does not have the ability to cancel this event.

The term “weapons” is another attempt to incite emotion from your readers. A firearm is a weapon when it is misused, so is a bat, a knife, a car and horse manure with ammonia. The car you drive to work each day can be utilized as a weapon. The news stories for the past few years have reported on multiple incidents where vehicles have been used to intentionally kill people yet I hear nothing about banning anyone from obtaining a driver’s licenses.

The NRA Foundation does benefit the shooting sports however our funding goes to groups such as the BSA and 4H as well as funding Eddie Eagle programs for school children to remain safe by avoidance of firearms. For more information, visit www.friendsofnra.org/National.aspx?cid=9.

The people attending this event are Long Islanders living in Nassau and Suffolk County. They are elected representatives, first responders, business owners, union and blue collar workers, legal immigrants, teachers, lawyers, many are women, mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. There are more people for this event than against.

—Thomas Garrett

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