Harley-Davidson Talks Continue

Harley-Davidson is looking to move into 1324 Jericho Tpke.

On Tuesday, Jan. 16, the Village of New Hyde Park held a public hearing for the ongoing process of Harley-Davidson seeking approvals for the purchase and use of the historic Miller Brothers Plumbing & Heating property, which has occupied 600 acres at 1324 Jericho Tpke., corner of Herkomer Street, one block west from village hall since 1924.

The motorcycle company’s plans for a two-story showroom and repair shop have been decelerated for more than two years due to public and village concerns of noise, traffic control and quality-of-life. Harley-Davison began the application process in August 2015.
Amir Jarrah, owner of the showroom on Northern Boulevard in Great Neck, is seeking to relocate the Miracle Mile business to New Hyde Park, citing previously that the majority of his new and existing customer base live in New Hyde Park and Mineola.

In October 2015, at the first public hearing, the village determined that the application presented several environmental impacts and concerns.

A June 2017 hearing prompted the village to further seek the expertise of Charles Voorhis, an environmental consultant for Nelson, Pope and Voorhis, LLC (NP&V).

The public hearing was extended from December to give the public ample time to respond to the draft findings.

Concerns and praise from members of the adjacent church, neighboring and area residents, supportive business owners and the Millers range from traffic congestion, noise, unfair processes, tax benefits and brand recognition. For every vote of support for many of these things, there was equal opposition.

A statement released by the village said, “The Board of Trustees of the Village of New Hyde Park will continue to keep all interested stakeholders in this project up-to-date on the developments.” The statement also said, “The Board of Trustees is committed to promoting the suburban quality of life that is the hallmark of our village, which includes a vibrant commercial district that offers businesses that are harmonious with the character of our community.”

The meeting was adjourned for further review. The public can submit comments regarding this hearing’s findings to the village clerk’s office until Friday, Jan. 26, at 4 p.m. before a final scope is drafted. A final scope will be proposed by Feb. 13 by the village.

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