Letter: Soccer Sadness


Well the New York Cosmos soccer team is at it again with their push to build an open 25,000 seat stadium at Belmont Race Track. Some are calling this plan an economic bonanza for Elmont and the county. But the reality is this stadium is nothing more than what we have right now with Belmont race track—a empty huge building for more than half the year. Even when the track is open it’s empty. Stadiums are never considered a great revenue source with high paying jobs. Also if teams aren’t winning fans don’t go, just ask the Mets or Yankees.


Besides that, take a look at the Bronx or Flushing when the teams aren’t home, the place is a ghost town, plus those communities never benefited from those stadiums. The Cosmos have been pledging $400 million of their own money to build this complex, the same $400 million proposed several years ago.


Funny, but costs have gone up and yet they keep selling they can build this at the same cost. Did anyone in this state check to see if the Cosmos are sound financially?


Remember this team went out of business a number of years ago. Will we be left with another empty building if they fail? It’s really ashamed that no elected official can come up with a plan that works for the race track and the communities. It’s also surprising that no one has been to Gulfstream Park in Florida to see a great turn around for that racetrack and community. There in Florida they did it right; here in New York and Nassau County we continue to do things wrong. And they wonder why Florida has now moved ahead of New York in terms of population.


Belmont can be a great place but the Cosmos and their plan won’t make that happen.


 —Patrick Nicolosi   

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