Letter: An American And Iraqi Sniper


The film American Sniper has been receiving accolades. But whether you have seen it or not, you must remember it is only a film. But what does it glorify? Heroism? Yes! War? No!


 There are two factions. The American invaders of Iraq and the people living there who are fighting the invaders. There is our idolized American sniper and there is also their idolized Iraqi sniper. Both are doing the same job. The Iraqi sniper is their national hero. He is shown momentarily in a photo receiving an award for being one of the best marksman worldwide. Ultimately, he is killed by our American sniper. Yipee! But his followers go crazy seeking revenge. A bloodbath ensues. 


 The point is, as I see it, this is an anti-war film. At the end, we see our disabled young veterans in hospitals; we see them without limbs and with lots of prosthetics. We know only their family, close friends and hospital staff suffer with them as they struggle, mentally and physically.


 The American public was tricked into an unnecessary war with Iraq. In my opinion, this film depicts suffering on both sides. The only winners are those selling military arms and prosthetics.


—Elaine Peters

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