NHP’s Korzevinski Paves Her Own Path


Often times athletes grow up trying to emulate a particular superstar. They watch a player dominate their sport and it inspires them to follow their path and duplicate their mannerisms.

In the case of Queens College star, Kristen Korzevinski, there was no duplicating a player like Michael Jordan. She was simply trying to be the first Kristen Korzevinski.


“I didn’t really watch basketball growing up,” she said. Korzevinski, a New Hyde Park native, preferred to learn her craft the old-fashioned way—on the hardwood.


Although unconventional, it certainly did not have a negative effect on her success. During her career at New Hyde Park high school, Korzevinski scored over 1,000 points for the

Gladiators. During her senior year, she led Nassau County by averaging 22.8 points per game. For her efforts she was named Player of the Year. 


Korzevinski is a family-oriented person. In fact, her decision to play locally was largely determined by her desire to be close to her loved ones.


“Being at Queens College is like home away from home,” she said. “I dorm here but I can go home on the weekends,” she added. “I was looking to stay close so I can be with my family.”


Through three years, her decision appears to be a very sound one. Korzevinski is pleased with the way her game has improved during her tenure.


“I have seen improvements in my ball handling, my rebounds as well my understanding of the game,” she said. “My coach is very stat-oriented—and has helped me to learn how to take away the strength of the opposition.”


That is a very mature take on self-evaluation. Veteran players in the NBA rarely even come across as analytical as her. 


She has led the team to improvements each season, which she is very proud of.


“My biggest thrill to this point has been the improvement of the team each season and even on a game-by-game basis,” she said.

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