Letter: Tax Revolt: The New Civil War


The Civil War in the 19th century was fought between the Northern and Southern states over an economy based on the profitability of slavery. In the 21st century we are fighting over taxes. Raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans seems an easy route to fix many problems we are facing in the United States. But this new Congress will not do it. They love having wealth and power and so-called economic prosperity; in the meantime, they don’t care what happens to those at the bottom or in the middle who are falling into the bottom half. They have yet to close corporate loopholes which would give us millions of tax dollars. Instead, they cut programs such as Food Stamps, keep a low wage, and make going to college a reality for the elite. No dreamers there.

Well, I believe there will be a new civil war. The main cause will be unfair, unjust taxation and tax loopholes. As the gap between the 1 percent of the wealthy grows and the bottom bottoms out, millions will rise up and overthrow a system that is not working for its people.


—Elaine Peters

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