Letter: More Questions Are Needed About Mini Casino


There seems to be a lot concern and focus on the location of this mini casino at the empty Fortunoff store in Westbury rather than the man and entity that will run this new casino. There should be more questions as to how it will run and what qualification does Joe Cairo have to run such an operation? Will this new casino business become another patronage mill? Atlantic City has closed four casinos, revenue from gambling is down even in Las Vegas. Is this new venture wise at this time? Will this new mini casino become the new speed camera for Nassau County taxpayers? Will this new casino in the middle of Nassau County bring any outside gamblers in or will it only be the people living in this county losing their money? How will this casino create new jobs, and are other jobs and business at risk in that area? Will this new mini casino place hardships on the families who go to that area to shop for food, clothing and baby supplies? Certainly the supervisors from both North Hempstead and Hempstead are justified to worry about this casino the location and OTB , it’s the tax payers and families who are at risk here.

Patrick Nicolosi


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