Locals Win In TriMathlon Contest


 New Hyde Park students put their math skills on display last weekend, earning money for local schools and winning prizes for themselves in the Mathnasium of New Hyde Park 2014 TriMathlon contest.


In the U.S. and Canada, Mathnasium TriMathlon participants raised about $40,000 for local schools. Participants earned money for local schools just by participating in TriMathlon. 


The Top 3 Mathnasium of New Hyde Park winners in each of the grades represented, two through five, are below. 


• Grade 5: Emma Ouyang, New Hyde Park Road School, 1st Place; Ashley Gerasimovich, Stratford School, 2nd Place; Desmari Miller, New Hyde Park Road School, 3rd Place


• Grade 4: Cyril Mathew, Hillside Grade School, 1st Place; Erin Gerasimovich, Stratford School, 2nd Place; Antranig Baghdassarian, Baker Elementary School, 3rd Place


• Grade 3: Parth Kochhar, 1st Place; Siddharth Reddy, South Grove Elementary, 2nd Place; Riya Saha, Charles Campagne School, Bethpage, 3rd Place


• Grade 2: Miles Corn, Denton Avenue School, 1st Place; Marukh Rana, 2nd Place; Ron Asabor, Dutch Broadway Elementary, 3rd Place


“Our Mathnasium of New Hyde Park TriMathlon contest was a big success with students and parents alike this year, demonstrating clearly that math can be fun,” said Peter Abrams, owner of the Mathnasium of New Hyde Park location. 


“The fact that the children raised money for local schools just for participating added a level of community service to the contest. Everyone who participated should be proud of what they’ve accomplished for their schools, their community, and themselves.”


All participants received fun goody bags and certificates of participation. Participants who registered by Sept. 30 received a free downloadable Math Plinko game from Lakeshore. Grand Prize winners will receive Rubik’s prize packages and Mathnasium scholarships.


“The Smarties Candy Company supports the efforts and good work that are provided by Mathnasium in helping to educate our children and to prepare them to do well in their future careers,” says Eric H. Ostrow, Smarties vice president of sales and marketing.


Game Night Next Friday

Mathnasium will be holding a Game Night on Friday Nov. 21, with popular board games like Blokus, Connect 4, Sequence, Quirkle, Mancala, and Shut the Box. They’ll also hold card games, including Blink, Uno, 24 and Set Five Crowns. This is a free event and you don’t have to be enrolled to attend. It is open to all students in grades 1 through 8. Snacks will be served. Current members should bring your friends (you will get extra stamps). Space is limited so please register early.


For more information on Mathnasium of New Hyde Park, call 516 616-6284, email newhydepark@mathnasium.com or visit www.mathnasium.com

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