Letter: Norman Jardine Supports Mayor Lud Odierna


I wish to write a letter of recommendation for Mayor Lud Odierna of Williston Park. I have known Lud for more than 30 years and I can always count on him. Lud is an absolute man of his word and has the highest integrity of any person I know. As a mayor he has only one interest and that is to provide support to the community. You can count on Lud to represent the community and the voters of this community with skilled professionalism. He is always out representing the village for community events. He uses his excellent speaking skills to motivate and inspire Williston Park residents. I specifically remember his moving addresses on Veterans and Memorial Days. In addition, he shares his good will with appropriate comments during the holiday and New Year season. Each time, the remarks include his signature humor and deep love of country. His office, both as the village mayor and at his place of business, are both always open to residents to help resolve their problems. He has shown a personal interest in the swimming pool, snow removal and street cleaning activities of the village. You can always count on Lud.


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