Desk of Herricks Superintendent Dr. John Bierwirth: May 22, 2009


Tips for Students on Cyber-bullying – Part I

Over the next two weeks, I would like to share some tips for parents and students on cyber-bullying. These came to us from the Nassau County Police Department via a Herricks PTA officer. They are good, common sense suggestions.

Tips for Students on Cyber-bullying

In the old days, bullies tended to be large, mean looking males, who know how to use their fists. These days a cyber-bully can be male or female, of any size and shape, and they only need enough strength to use a keyboard. To keep cyber-bullies from ruining your child’s day, you and your child just need to exercise a little common sense.

Don’t encourage anyone to use the Internet to bully someone.

If you can’t say something nice about someone in an email, IM, chat room or anywhere else on the Internet, then don’t say it at all.

Don’t email or publish online any embarrassing photographs, videos, or audio recordings.

If you know that someone is being bullied online, tell someone.

Don’t send emails or other online messages that threaten a person.

Don’t send emails or other online messages that use foul or abusive language.

Don’t send or post angry messages online.

Follow family rules about online behavior.

Follow school rules about online behavior

If you receive a threatening or harassing message, tell someone, especially a teacher or parent.

Just remember, cyber-bullying is an online risk that can’t be stopped by software or hardware. It can only be prevented by you. (Source: Parenting and the Internet, Speedbrake Publishing, 2007)

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