Letter:What Were You Thinking Congresswoman McCarthy


The following letter was sent to United States Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy and printed here at the request of the writer.

It is incredible to think that any New York politician would back Eric Holder’s decision to try the 9/11 terrorists in a federal court in Manhattan instead of a military tribunal in Guantanamo. Yet that is precisely the path you have chosen, in spite of the fact that many Wall Street workers and New York City first responders reside in your district. Do you trust this administration to provide the necessary protection the city will need due to the increased potential of a terrorist incident occurring? Janet Napolitano’s inept statements in the aftermath of the attempted Christmas bombing of the Detroit bound airliner shouldn’t make any citizen feel secure. The city estimated that security costs will be approximately $200 million per year during the duration of the trial. Who is footing that bill? Finally this trial is providing the precise public forum that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed desired to spew his venom to his followers in the media capital of the world. As in many other issues presented before you, you have pledged your blind allegiance to this president. Unfortunately, in this case you do so at great peril to your constituents.

Frank DeSanna,
New Hyde Park resident
and New York City Firefighter


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