Letter: Break-Ins Continue in Manhasset Hills


There were two more break-ins in our community on Nov. 13. One on Dunhill Road and the other right on Old Courthouse & Denton.

And also two more in close-by Albertson. That’s four in one night. And what do they have in common? (besides the fact that the 3rd Precinct can’t seem to do much to catch them.) The entries were through the back sliding door or window.

Honestly, we can’t just sit back and “trust” that the police are able to stop these criminals. So what if they send undercover cops? So what if they read over 2,000 license plate numbers in four days? So what if they “patrol” our streets more? Obviously, it’s not enough!

Please, keep your eyes and ears open! Keep your back property well lit! Look out your windows, front and back! Become a nosy neighbor and even get to know your neighbor’s faces! Call in any suspicious vehicles. Don’t think you’re immune because your house isn’t the nicest on the block, these burglars are looking for easy targets! And any house that isn’t well lit, especially in the rear, is going to be considered an easy target!

There was another incident that I heard about where a woman was in her house and heard someone knocking on the back sliding door. Fearfully, she didn’t open the shades but just knocked back to show that someone was home. The “knocker” left and didn’t return. That’s plain scary, too!

I don’t know what else to suggest… This really has to stop! We are all tired of it. If it weren’t for a few of our “nosy” neighbors, we would never have known about these incidents unless you happen to come across it in a newspaper in a few weeks.


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