Letter: Help Save OurLibraries


The governor of the State of New York has proposed a 10 percent cut across the board (except for 4.5 percent for school aid) to resolve a mid-year state budget deficit of almost $3 billion. This means an additional $3.3 million cut in library aid on top of the three cuts received over the past 18 months that have reduced library aid from $102 million in 2007 to $91 million as of April 2009.

If the proposed $3.3 million goes through, it would bring library aid down to $88 million, a level not seen since 1998. Libraries have already

contributed their fair share toward reducing the state’s budget

shortfalls. Library services are needed now more than ever. So please

contact your state legislator to urge them to reject the proposed cuts.

Please follow the link to sign the petition to save library aid. Pass it

along to everyone you know who uses a library.

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Donna McKenna
Director Williston Park Library

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