Moving Up at Manor Oaks School


Once again, all the students, the families and the friends of the sixth grade students at Manor Oaks School gathered in the gym to celebrate Moving Up Day.

Diane Zirilli Mares, director of Curriculum and Instruction started the ceremony with an inspiring speech. She was “filling in” for superintendent Robert Katulak, who was absent, due to a death in his family.

The band did an excellent job, under the direction of Carolyn Goodman with Scoobyo-Doo, Where Are You?
After that the presentations began, after a brief introduction by principal Diane Weiss.

As a surprise, the two sixth grade teachers Mrs. Peggy LaBruna and Ms. Colleen Willdigg presented the American Citizenship Award to every single student in the sixth grade class for their extraordinary display of citizenship throughout the year.


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